21 Day Financial Fast

January 7th-January 28th

21 Day Financial Fast

Why a Financial Fast?

Jan 7th - I will use cash for purchases over the next 21 days (no credit or debit cards)

Jan 8th - Prosperity comes with conditions. Journal about what has kept you from being prosperous in the past.

Jan 9th - I will identity someone (family member, co worker, neighbor etc.) and be financially generous towards them (tips: gift card)

Jan 10th - I will commit to tithing or recommit to tithing today.

Fasting for a Better Financial Life

Jan 11th - List three things you are grateful for. Then give thanks to God for his blessings.

Jan 12th -Promise that you will not complain today about anything you don't have.

Jan 13th- I will be diligent and develop a budget so that every penny I earn has a purpose.

Jan 14th - I will commit today to set aside a percentage of every paycheck for my savings.

Jan 15th- I will examine my investments to make sure I am well diversified.

Jan 16th - I will work with my spouse to develop a set of rules to govern how we handle our money together.

Jan 17th - Talk about finances with your children and let them purchase an item with cash.

Fasting to Avoid Financial Drama

Jan 18th - Commit to making a list of all your debt today and add up the total.

Jan 19th - I will review my credit card statements going back at least three months and examine my spending on my credit and debit cards.

Jan 20th - I vow to not co-sign with anyone other than my spouse.

Jan 21st- Think about two decisions that you have made that could be traced to greed. Make a commitment not to give into greed.

Fasting for Financial Peace

Jan 22nd - I will identify at least one aspect of my finances and decide today to stop stressing about it.

Jan 23rd- I will stop worrying about not having enough money, because God has so richly blessed me.

Jan 24th- Acknowledge that God owns everything you have. What is one area of stewardship you need to seek God's wisdom?

Jan 25th - Call a close relative or friend that you exchange gifts with. Decide to spend time with each other instead of exchanging gifts.

Jan 26th - I will share the 21 Day Financial Fast with someone else.

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